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Repo info
    Also, you can see that the labels for the horizontal axis overlap the negative bars. Is it possible to move the labels for the horizontal axis to the bottom of the chart?
    @rpelorosso would you mind repeating your questions in our new spectrum channel?
    Thank you @boygirl , I just did.
    Garrett Dawson
    sorry to ask if this is documented, but I am having trouble getting VictoryTooltip working with VictoryPolarAxis. If I provide VictoryTooltip as the labelComponent for a polar chart, the label just doesn’t render.
    axisLabelComponent rather
    Garrett Dawson
    re-asked in spectrum
    Jon Jackson
    Quick question about axis tick labels. Creating a horizontal bar chart which will have x-axis (vertical axis in this case) tick labels with arbitrary length strings. I need to account for the width of these tick labels so that I can adjust the chart padding. I want the tick labels to align with the left edge of the parent element without any of them overflowing.
    Does anyone know if there is a helper method, or combination of helper methods in victory that can give me a reliable measurement of the tickLabel group width?
    I can see in the DOM structure that all of the tick labels are wrapped in an svg <g> element, so there should be some way that I can get a measurement of that element, I just don't know the easiest way to do so.
    Jon Jackson
    Alternatively, is there a prop that I can use to make victory automatically account for tick labels so that they don't overflow?
    Mike Kane
    Hi, I am using VictoryBoxPlot, and I need to draw multiple Box Plots. However they are all stacked on top of each other. How can we offset this? I tried using a Victory group but it did not work. Any suggestions?
    @mikeKane we've moved our support chat to spectrum:
    Aissa Taourarte
    Hi guys ,is there any way to add spacing beween bars ??
    is there any option to fill the null points in a line chart with nullable values?
    my bad. moving to spectrum
    Aissa Taourarte
    @iamdevlinph could you please send us the final result you want ,picture or design ?
    something like that, i suppose
    Kamil Łydka
    Hello. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? FormidableLabs/victory#860
    It's about the picture. I need a vertical line and values at the top of the screen.
    Kamil Łydka
    I found something like this in chat history. Not bad... Unfortunately, however, the performance is poor. Especially for my data, there are a lot of them, and in X I have dates.
    David Hérault
    Hi, I'm trying to remove the dotted lines from my chart can someone help me please ?
    David Hérault
    Found out, with the style.grid prop
    VictoryBar click events and zoom does not work for victory-native.
    Any workarounds?
    Arne Lamo Pedersen
    Hi, everyone. When i try to render my chart in my React app, i can see it when i hover on it in the chrome dev tools inspector, but it's invisible - aka everything is the same color as the background, even though on in the elements i can see the color i chose is applied. Any suggestions what i might be doing wrong?
    My Chart component currently looks like this:
    import React from 'react'
    import { VictoryBar,VictoryChart, VictoryTheme } from 'victory'
    const IndividualsChart = () => {
      return (
              style={{ data: { fill: "red" } }}
                { x: 1, y: 2 }, { x: 2, y: 4 }, { x: 3, y: 6 }
    export default IndividualsChart
    Hi everyone, I've been trying to do this chart where if the value is below 0, the area gets filled with red while above 0 with blue and still can't do it. Does anyone have an experience creating such chart and if so, may I ask how?
    2 replies
    How to remove the bottom space beneath victory-legend ?
    I cant understand how to change the size of the svg for the victory-legend
    Abhiraj Padhye
    Hello everyone, I have 2 line charts sharing the same x axis but different y domains. So the second y is naturally drawn on the right side. The example on the website uses an offset for the second axis. Is there a way to automatically derive this offset to match the screen size? Or is there a property on the axis that can help me with this ?
    Hardik R.
    I want to show Bar and Line graph together with different Y values