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    Fortnite tips and tricks to help you earn a Victory Royale

    When Fortnite Chapter 2 was released, it drastically altered Epic's battle royale phenomena. Not only did the terrain alter, but so did the playstyles, strategies, and much more. While Fortnite may appear to be a simple game on the surface, there's a lot more to it than meets the eye.

    In order to help you become a better Fortnite player, we've put up a list of basic tips, tricks, and tactics that you may use when it's time to go out and claim a Victory Royale. These pointers will help you succeed in all of Fortnite's game types, and some of them will even help you succeed in other battle royale games.

    Tips for winning in Fortnite

    In Fortnite, there are a few tricks that can help you win.

    Pick your battles wisely

    When you notice an opponent, one of the most important things you'll need to learn right away is that it's totally fine not to engage right immediately. Rushing into a fight without thinking is a definite way to be removed early, and unless you have the skill to take out a whole squad of players, it's best to sit back and let your opponents make the first mistake. Free V Bucks Generator is the tool that will help you in order to get more V Bucks.

    Keep in mind that your goal is to live, not to build up a ludicrous kill/death ratio. Start constructing or moving to higher ground to offer yourself the best chance of surviving, and you'll be rewarded for it.

    Keep an eye on the weather

    Another important tip to remember when it comes to survival in Fortnite is to avoid the storm. While you should never be in the open in the middle of the map, lingering too near to the storm is a risky game. There are many ways to get out of the storm, but if you run out of them, it will rapidly drag you down.

    Simply keeping an eye on the storm is the greatest way to play it safe while also increasing your chances of winning. Always keep an eye on how near the storm is to you and how fast it's traveling while playing. You want to keep the storm at bay, but you also need to be ready to move at a moment's notice. If you get stuck, your best hope is to hunt for a car or a boat.

    Don't be a one-dimensional person

    There are a lot of weapons in Fortnite, so don't limit yourself to just one or two. In a game of Fortnite, the worst thing a player can do is be too one-dimensional, so make sure you have a range of weaponry at your disposal. You never know when a fight will break out or what type of conflict it will be, so having a weapon for every occasion, including explosives, is essential.

    You wouldn't use a shotgun against someone who can fire accurate bullets from hundreds of meters away, just as you wouldn't employ a sniper in close quarters. In Fortnite, the rule of thumb is to always have a shotgun, assault rifle, and/or sniper rifle/SMG with you. Use the other inventory slot to store something to heal yourself and another item of your choosing, but make sure you're prepared for anything comes your way. With new equipment like the bandage gun and splash jugs, you'll want to carry some healing on you at all times so you can give yourself a much-needed health boost in any situation.

    Keep an eye on things

    This one may seem self-evident, but you'd be amazed how often you'll be eliminated due to a lack of awareness. Because of the nature of Fortnite, it's tempting to rush around and join combat, but doing so will often reveal your position. If you find yourself in an area that appears to be too silent or barren, take a look around and try to detect any constructions or structures that an opponent has constructed.

    If you find a ramp running up a mountain, for example, you can probably bet (or at least guess) that adversaries have taken up residence there. The simplest approach to remain alive is to keep an eye out for structures and opposing players. It takes no effort at all.

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