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Jun 2015
Michel Müller
Jun 19 2015 01:15
@zbeekman, @szaghi : Thanks. Yes, this basically confirms what I expected - there isn't a way to make Fortran detect/block reshapes. The dummy variable approach isn't really what I was after since it would require lots of code changes. I think I will soon have a Hybrid Fortran version that comes with enough static analysis to detect these reshapes and error out. I'm currently working on these static analysis methods in order to reduce the @domainDependant specifications you need to use Hybrid Fortran - which should overlap well with my goal above. Thank you very much for your input nevertheless!
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 19 2015 11:22
Dear all, I have just created the Group repository named FoXy. Before kill me, please read the readme where I hope I have explained my aims.
Chris MacMackin
Jun 19 2015 12:48
Well, the first thing that I would change is I'd convert the Doxygen comments to ones that would work with FORD ;)
Chris MacMackin
Jun 19 2015 18:28
Since I know there are a few users on here (and since this is an opportunity for shameless self-promotion), I thought I'd announce the newest release of my FORD Fortran documentation generator. It includes various new features (mostly those requested by @jacobwilliams) and some bug fixes.