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Jun 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 21 2015 06:51
@zbeekman great to know! Obviously the link I have posted was only the chronological first... there is a lot of interest on weno during the last 15/20 years. I suppose you will be very helpful... I have used upwind biased weno up to seven formal order, but I would like to extend the library to many other schemes. Can you tell me for which application you use it? I am now at home and I cannot download your paper.
Chris MacMackin
Jun 21 2015 23:20
I was looking to add a repository, but it would seem that only group owners have permission to do that. Perhaps this should be changed? In the meantime, I've created the repository as part of my own account. More on that in the post below:
An idea I've been toying with for awhile now has been a package manager for Fortran software (rather like how pip provides a package manager for Python software). I've created a repository for one called FLATPack and laid out some ideas on how it could be implemented in the repo's README. The name FLATPack is an acronym but has another meaning as well. It suggests that, while you won't be building something from scratch (i.e. writing the software yourself), you will still need to assemble (compile) it. I'd be interested to know what people think. This isn't a project I'd want to undertake all on my own--at the very least I'd want other people's feedback on the CLI and packages would be submitted.