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Jun 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 24 2015 08:12
@zbeekman Some my posts of yeasterday were missed. I replay now: you are right, the standard Jiang&Shu could be too dissipative. I follow the research of Pirozzoli (teaches in my old University, sad to say I am old...) and I know that hybrid-compact-schemes can gain Padé-like accuracy. However, the coefficients tuning for some specific turbulence problems (in general the algorithms tuning...) not fully convince me on its generality. However, we will surely discuss in more details elsewhere :-)
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jun 24 2015 17:39
@szaghi sure, shoot me an email if you like… The paper I referenced doesn’t tune coefficients for specific turbulence, it adds a fully downwind stencil to the candidate stencils and changes all of the coefficients using the extra DoF added by the new stencil to bandwidth optimize the spatial discretization while maintaining the same order of accuracy.