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Jun 2015
Michel Müller
Jun 26 2015 13:29
I really like the idea with FLATpack - I think my work could profit quite a lot from such a solution. It would make it so that I could modularize the Hybrid Fortran installation. One example would be the different implementations I have for the backend - currently OpenACC, CUDA Fortran, OpenMP, plus some tracer/debugger implementations that inherit from the base ones. I'm wondering: Would preprocessing / static analysis tools also be part of the scope for the payloads, or only Fortran tools/applications themselves?
Chris MacMackin
Jun 26 2015 14:11

@muellermichel Thanks for your interest! At present, these sort of details haven't been decided. I hadn't initially envisioned anything other than Fortran software, but I'm open to discussion. You can join to FLATPack discussion to talk about these things.

One issue which I can foresee with a tool such as Hybrid Fortran is that (as far as I can tell from a brief glance at the code) it relies on various Python packages and FLATPack would not be designed to process those dependencies. It seems to me that it might be better to place the HybridFortran code itself on PyPI and then place examples in FLATPack. I generally think that it is better to place a project in the package manager for the language it was written in, as this is better suited to handling its dependencies.