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Jul 2015
Kevin Manalo
Jul 06 2015 20:01
@szaghi Hi only just saw the ping now. The idea behind FortLua (guided by a workshop given by Cornell for using HPC resources on TACC) was to extend the benefits of embedding Lua inside of Fortran. The reason why Lua was considered is because the environment modules system in use in the workshop HPC system is Lmod developed by R. McLay at TACC. Also, Because Lua's footprint is so small, it's basically included with the project. You can create functions inside of a Lua configuration file (and thus no re-compiling). One way that I'm using this is to leverage a GNUplot API from a Lua library, so that the creation of a 2D scatter plot is more seamless - as I did not want to create a two-step process of writing to disk and using a shell script to run GNUplot. Also, for all those needing test projects for package management systems feel free to modify. The Makefile is simple enough but requires Lua library specifications. Needs more testing (only really fully checked with Intel and Lua on Linux). Should work with gfortran and lua on Mac, and Windows integration would also need some testing. Probably all needs to fit under a build testing harness.