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Jul 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Jul 07 2015 07:01 UTC
@kmanalo Thank you for the explanation. I'll watch it, I have not really the time to test it, but it seems interesting. Thanks for sharing it
@tomedunn Thank you for the help. I am using VIM: its syntax highlighter is good, but maybe your is better. Can you port your syntax to VIM? Atom is interesting, but I am so addicted to VIM that is difficult to switch off...
Tom Dunn
Jul 07 2015 12:37 UTC
@szaghi I actually use Vim as my daily driver as well. I do most of my coding remotely on Linux servers and Vim via terminal SSH is just too convenient. I have a number of tweeks to Vim's Fortran grammar but I've been meaning to do a more focused effort on incorpating more modern Fortran constructs.
Stefano Zaghi
Jul 07 2015 12:40 UTC
@tomedunn :+1:
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jul 07 2015 16:26 UTC
FORD is now available through Homebrew, for those of you using Mac OS X: brew update && brew install FORD
Also I’ve finally settled on a webpage template: Lanyon Jekyll template and will be trying to add some meaningful content sometime soonish