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Jul 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Jul 10 2015 14:49
@zbeekman great! I have some days very busy at home, I hope I will contribute monday.
@tomedunn how difficult is to extend a vim syntax highligthing? I am using a personal flavored markdown syntax and I would like to have vim correctly highligth and fold my flavored markdown... can you help me? where I can start? Currently, I think I am using the Tpope syntax.
Tom Dunn
Jul 10 2015 15:58
@szaghi I haven't taken too deep a look into the Vim syntax engine yet. So I don't know how hard it is to do more complicated alterations like changing indenting and code folding. However for doing simple keyword highlighting it seems pretty straight forward. I've created a repository vim.fortran that I'm planning on building the Vim syntax package in. At the moment it contains a single file that I have in my local .vim folder containing a handful of simple fixes. If you want a larger example you can find the full fortran.vim file in your Vim install folder. I don't understand all of it but you can figure out a good deal by just hacking around in it. I'm planning on putting in some serious time on this after the weekend.
Stefano Zaghi
Jul 10 2015 19:29
@tomedunn thanks! I will start from your vim.fortran!