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Jul 2015
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jul 30 2015 14:32
@szaghi: WenOOF looks interesting. I’m wondering however, if it is of general enough utility to be part of Fortran-FOSS-Programmers? My original idea was to focus more on projects that could be more useful to ALL fortran programs. Things like JSON libraries, YAML libraries, Fortran interfaces to common C/C++ libraries, Fortran command line parsing, Fortran package managers etc… What do you and others think? Should we limit Fortran-FOSS-Programmers to this more general type of software, or does it make sense to also add more niche packages like WenOOF? I’m happy to consider both options. If we decide WenOOF should move, we could always create a separate organization for that.
Milan Curcic
Jul 30 2015 17:14
I personally don't see a good reason to limit the group to general use projects only. Niche (domain specific) packages will be useful to only some people, but they don't get in the way of anything else.
One question I have for @szaghi is: Did you do a research on what existing WENO open source exists is out there? Did you consider extending existing frameworks/solvers like Clawpack ( )? Is there a big need or demand for a dedicated WENO-centric framework?
Giacomo Rossi
Jul 30 2015 17:26
I totally agree with @milancurcic: if the name of the group is 'fortran FOSS programmers' I think that this group should include all free and open source fortran projects, not only projects that can be useful to ALL fortran programs, imho