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Aug 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 03 2015 07:38

@milancurcic, I am sorry for my delay.

I know clawpack and in particular I studied the work of Prof. LeVeque (and his great book, I invited him to join our group without success), however I do not like the development-way of clawpack & co. (amrclawpack): it is not OOP, it is not moderm (many .f not modularized, old-fashioned style) and it is quite monolitic (at least basing on my memory, it is passed sometimes from my last checking).

After some years of work, I have built-up the preference to small libraries being tailored to perform a reduced set of tasks, but doing these at the best (reusable, modular, well documented, etc...). Clawpack is great, but it is not what I want.

As the weno is concerned, I don't care how many people need it, I just want it and thus I like to share with the community: probably the demand for a weno-library is limited to me and maybe zaak, but this is not a matter for me (maybe later day I will start a project being totally usefulness :-) ). Each time I start to writing a code I check if there is an existing one in order to avoid to reinvent the wheel: for WENO I find a nice project in Python, but no one in Fortran satisfying my desiderata. Obviously, my search could be incomplete and if you can point out nice project I will very happy to study/use it. In particular, clawpack is not a WENO interpolations library, but a solver for PDEs system of conservation laws.

Maybe, you do not like I started the project into the group framework, but I supposed that this was the spirit of the group: start each project we care about hoping that other members will be interested on, but do not limit yourself I you will be alone. Indeed, I hope that all you open a lot of new projects soon, beacuse I am very interested to learn many other things that are outside from my experience. Anyhow, if I am misleading the group aims, I apologize myself.

I do not follow your and @giacombum points: what you are suggesting? @giacombum seems to promote the group should inglobate ALL fortran projects, that should include also a project like Wenoof that have just one interested member, on the contrary it seems (due to my bad English undestanding, probably) that you are promoting only projects that many members want, and this should exclude Wenoof. Maybe, you want that the group starts a discussion before open a new project?

I vote for a free starting approach: all member should be allowed to start a new project, then, if the group votes that this project does not satisfy the group roles (aims, ethics, interests... I will try to add some hints into the group's mission page) simply remove the project from the group umbrella and leave it only under the member's personal benhalf. The reasons I like this approach are:

  • we are linked by Fortran, but we have very different interests and backgrounds; this has pros and cons:
    • our diversity is very exciting (at least for me) because it is a great chance to learn many intersting new things;
    • due to our diversity, it will be difficult to find a project that the whole group is interested on (may FLATPack will be the only one, it being very Fortran centric);

These are my opinions, I hope to be on topic.

Oooops... I am sorry I was too lenghty!

Stefano Zaghi
Aug 03 2015 08:15
As I guess, I read wrong all your messagges (and missed a lot... I was not at office in the last days) and I just see that is Zaak (and maybe Milan) to not feel good with my approach. I am sorry for my mistake. Anyhow, my opions are general and not related to someone rather to a concept.
thank to the young @giacombum for showing my errors :-)
Giacomo Rossi
Aug 03 2015 08:20
I'm always very very attentive with old people, dear @szaghi :-)
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Aug 03 2015 10:41
@szaghi I just wanted to gather some more opinions on the types of projects that we include here. I support the idea of an open, inclusive community And the addition of niche projects after reading @milancurcic 's comment.
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 03 2015 10:56
Sure, I am sorry, but I have missed a lot of previous messages. Anyhow, I vote for open-and-enventully-purge approach as above described :-)