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Aug 2015
Chris MacMackin
Aug 12 2015 00:03

Thanks for the kind words, @milancurcic . I've actually just released a new version of FORD. The changes are detailed here. Besides some bugfixes, the most significant changes are much better display of abstract data types and support for Fortran 2008 submodules.

@szaghi , as FOODiE uses abstract derived types, I'd recommend that you update your version of FORD and recreate the documentation.

@zbeekman , you can update the homebrew formula now.

Stefano Zaghi
Aug 12 2015 07:46
@cmacmackin Sure! Very soon today new great FORD's docs will be uploaded! Thank you Chris
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 12 2015 09:03
@milancurcic this is for you
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Aug 12 2015 14:14
FORD 4.1.0 has been released to PyPi and is also now available through Homebrew