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Aug 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 13 2015 14:55

Hi all, some news for FOODiE.

I have added more details on the WIKI. Among other things, the most important are:

Soon, I will add documentation for the examples (Lorenz and Burgers tests).

As discussed Fortran-FOSS-Programmers/FOODiE#8, I faced with a possible Intel Fortran Bug, but this should have minor impact into the FOODiE development.

The roadmap is

  • implement a 1D Euler equations tester;
  • review the type_integrand definition: it should be quite stable, just a more complete set of overloaded operators seems to be necessary;
  • review the RK-schemes implemented to correct the eventual bugs;
  • implement low-storage RK schemes;
  • implement @milancurcic's suggested schemes;
  • implement implicit schemes;
  • implement dimascev schemes...;
  • profile the library:
    • check correctness of results;
    • check efficiency;
    • check the parallel speedup when used into a parallel computations-framework;

For now that's all!

I am going to keep two weeks of holiday, but if my wife and my little-3months-daughter will look elsewhere, I will try to make some developments also in the incoming weeks.

See you soon!

@zbeekman I am not able to create a gitter room for FOODiE, can you open it?
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Aug 13 2015 16:18
@szaghi and everyone: FOODiE chat Can people confirm that they have access?
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 13 2015 16:19
works for me!