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Aug 2015
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 19 2015 16:21
Hi all, I was thinking that with the support of modern standard (2003+) it is now easy to implement an OS library like the python one. Do you use/have already something similar in Fortran? I would like to have this kiss library for us, but I do not like to pollute the group with my stupid projects... what do you think about?
Milan Curcic
Aug 19 2015 19:10
@szaghi Something like a set of iso_c_binding interfaces to C POSIX libraries?
Stefano Zaghi
Aug 19 2015 19:41
@milancurcic yes, also exploiting system calls
Chris MacMackin
Aug 19 2015 19:51
Yeah, I think that would be useful. Other things which would be good would be something like Python's os.path.join() and the ability to turn a relative into an absolute path (and vice-versa). Also, some way to open a pipe to the system, so that you can analyze the output of a system call. I think you could probably do that through a binding to the C POSIX libraries. If C bindings is the way you go, then it would probably be good to build a layer in the middle that can conert everything to the appropriate C types, so that the client doesn't need to worry about any of that.