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Sep 2015
Giacomo Rossi
Sep 21 2015 17:48
Hi all, I was thinking to a new modern Fortran project for the numerical solution of definite integrals of 1D (and maybe 2D and 3D) functions: also if there are a lot of "similar" projects also on github, I think that following all the awesome book of @rouson and the very good work of @szaghi and all the Fortran-FOSS community with FOODiE is possible to develop a flexible and very easily maintained integration library. Feel free to tell me if in your opinion this project is not intresting and why, I'm a perfect newbie!!!
Stefano Zaghi
Sep 21 2015 18:09
:+1: after few months of experience with FOODiE I can only strongly promote the ACP of Rouson rt al. Abstract calculus in Fortran is now possible and it retains almost all Fortran key-features (firstly the speed). Jus one thing... do not call your ADT type_integrand :-) go on giacomo!
Giacomo Rossi
Sep 21 2015 18:17
Well, but type_integrand seems a reasonable name :-D