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Dec 2015
Chris MacMackin
Dec 20 2015 04:25
Hi all. I'd like to draw your attention to a repository I have just created called PolyCon. This provides a container type for holding arbitrary data, in as type-safe a way as possible. I wrote this with the goal that it could be used to implement generic data structures. I was wondering if creating such a collection of data structures (perhaps taking the excellent Gee library in Vala as insperation) would be something which this group would be interested in.
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Dec 20 2015 04:34
Thanks for the announcement Chris. I'll check it out.
Milan Curcic
Dec 20 2015 18:52
@cmacmackin Congratulations on your release. After giving it a shallow read-through the code, it looks to me like a natural extension of modern Fortran capabilities. I still struggle with grasping what would be the typical usage or application of this library . When you get some free time, can you write a brief "Example usage" section in your It would be very useful to me, and perhaps to others as well.
Chris MacMackin
Dec 20 2015 23:45
I have added an example implementation of a stack data structure. The README will direct you to the relevant source file.