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Dec 2015
Chris MacMackin
Dec 23 2015 18:23
I've just released a new version of FORD which provides various new features. See the ChangeLog below:

New features:

  • support for Fortran's include statements, which search in the directory containing the file and in the include-directories (Issue #94)
  • limited support for the 2008 standard's block constructs, with variables declared within a block not listed (Issue #96)
  • limited support for non-Fortran source files, as described in the wiki (Issue #52 )
  • displays line numbers next to the source listings on a source-file's page
  • can now specify a license for your documentation, which will be displayed in the page footer (see wiki)
  • support for FORTRAN77-style parameter statements

Bug fixes:

  • improved handling of exclude_dir, so that it won't fail for certain cases (Issue #95) and so that it will now also ignore subdirectories
  • can now catch use statements within procedures nested arbitrarily deep within other procedures, programs, and modules
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Dec 23 2015 18:45
Awesome, Christmas came early! I'll work on the Homebrew recipe update. Should happen very soon.