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Jan 2016
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jan 08 2016 15:15 1.9.0 is now available (Homebrew/homebrew#47822) through the Homebrew package manager.

Some improvements to the Homebrew Formula have been made:

  1. pygooglechart is now also installed (by default) so that code coverage and profiling charts can be easily generated with
  2. graphviz and python graphviz are now also installed by default so that can easily generate dependency graphs.

Some functionality will still be missing "out of the box" when installing via Homebrew:

  1. FORD (available through Homebrew and PYPI) is not listed as a dependency, recommended or otherwise.
    • Rationale: Integration of with FORD is not as tight as other features, and users can easily install FORD alongside to get access to documentation build help
  2. PreForM is not listed as a dependency recommended or otherwise.
    • Rationale: It would be nice to add a Homebrew Formula for PreForM, but right now there are not enough stars, forks, etc. on Github. Because of this, the Homebrew maintainers are unlikely to accept a formula for PreForM. If you would like a stand-alone formula for PreForM, please go star and/or fork @szaghi's repository.
    • Also, I didn't realize that PreForM was available through PYPI at the time I wrote the updated formula. Whether or not it gains enough popularity to warrant a Homebrew formula, since it is available through PYPI, it should be possible to specify it as a recommended dependency and download it via a resource stanza. This might mean that it cannot be called separately from FoBiS, but I'm not sure. This is something I would like to do next time I update the FoBiS formula, whether or not I write a separate one for PreForM.
  3. There is currently no head do block to install from the github master branch HEAD.
    • Rationale: It's not clear to me how to install directly from a clone of the github repo. If some sane and canonical (e.g., easy_install etc.) mechanism is provided and documented, then I will add a head do block to the next formula to allow the installation of the latest bleeding edge directly from HEAD of master on
Stefano Zaghi
Jan 08 2016 15:42
@zbeekman Great!
PreForM is just one of my toy, I have not catched the interest of anyone, thus I develop it only for my necessity: it could be left home without worries. Unluckly today I spent my free time on FOODIE, so FoBiS installation from github must wait the next week, sorry. Anyhow, your have made a wonderful work!
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jan 08 2016 15:43
no worries, the 1.9.0 formula was already merged, so installation from Github will have to wait to be included in the next formula revision (unless there's a pressing reason to do this sooner, let's wait until publishes another major or minor release)
It would be nice to get a clearer/easier install methodology to install directly from github in the meantime.