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Apr 2016
Stefano Zaghi
Apr 21 2016 08:18
Hi all, I am sorry for my long silence but these are very busy days... I would like to introduce a new member @MichaelSiehl : he is a very experienced Fortraner, very active on google group CLF where many of you already know him; he is now developing some great examples (on github) on how exploit CAF to achieve MPMD codes... not to be said it is a great effort! I hope that Michael will start very soon to develop an interesting example-program directly under the behalf of the group on how achieve MPMD by means of CAF and F03/08 OOP; I am very interested on this topic, I hope many of you will join us. @cmacmackin I am quite freezed with FIAT: I have to complete some works at my institute that prevent me to complete my contribute about octree... @milancurcic @rouson @zbeekman the occurrence of the open-call into my institute has blocked me to complete the 2D/3D tests of FOODIE into Fermi cluster: I am sorry, but very soon I will complete it (good news are that FOODIE now compiles with IBM XLF available on Fermi). For all other: I will soon update our Good Practice discussion!