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May 2016
Chris MacMackin
May 15 2016 20:30
I've made a new release of FORD. This includes manyhh bug fixes and a selection of new features. Some of these new features were contributed by others via pull requests, so I would like to thank those involved.
From the changelog:

New features:

  • Arbitrary preprocessor can now be specified (Issue #117, PR #129)
  • CPP now used as default preprocessor instead of gfortran, as former is more widespread (note that this should not
    change results of preprocessing)
  • Pages now ordered according to file-name (Issue #121, PR #122)
  • Integration of Gitter sidecar
  • Optionally print date documentation created in the page footer (PR #115)
  • Can export graphs as SVG images and graphviz source (Issue #97)
  • Single global switch now available to hide local variables, derived types, etc. within procedures (Issue #100)
  • Support for coloured edges in graphs, which can make it easier to read large graphs (Issue #113)

Bug fixes:

  • \g in character literal no longer causes crash (Issue #136)
  • No longer interprets concurrent in do concurrent as function call (Issue #131)
  • Header doesn't cover links to particular lines of source code in source file pages (Issue #132)
  • Copying file trees now works on network file systems (Issue #128)
  • :: now accepted in all use statements (Issue #120, PR #123)
  • deferred now included in lists of type-bound procedure attributes
  • Correct handling of include paths with user's home directory specified by ~ (Part of issue #134)
  • Correctly interprets output from preprocessors when running with Python 3 (PR #129)
  • Can now copy file hierarchies deeper than 10 directories (PR #127)
  • MathJax now works for both HTTP and HTTPS (PR #126)