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Jun 2016
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 15 2016 13:25
@cmacmackin @tomedunn @zbeekman and all, sorry to bother you again. Lefting the unlimited polymorphic approach, I am now wondering if the assumed rank arrays can help me to avoid code-duplication. I know that assumed rank arrays, e.g. real, intent(in) :: x(..) have been introduced for a better C-interop, but I am wonderding if they can help me. There are some cons in their usage? Copy-in-out? I never used them, something of you do this? Thanks in advance!
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 15 2016 13:36

Universal Linux Package

@giacombum pointed out this interesing project

I know that @rouson @zbeekman and Co. have done a lot of work in packaging OpenCoarrays, maybe this project can be of any help for them and others.

My best regards.

Giacomo Rossi
Jun 15 2016 13:38
and if this can be helpful also for all our Fortran projects?
Chris MacMackin
Jun 15 2016 14:34
From what I recall, assumed-rank isn't all that useful, for much the same reason that unlimited-polymorphics aren't that useful. Assumed size may work better for you.
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 15 2016 15:12
@cmacmackin :worried: Thanks!
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jun 15 2016 15:22
Yes I was excited about assumed rank until I started learning more about it... Seems mostly only useful for its intended C interop functionality
BTW the latest versions of FORD and JSON-Fortran are in Homebrew thanks to @cmacmackin's dedication and hard work to resolve a few issues.