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Jun 2016
Stefano Zaghi
Jun 28 2016 13:02

Dear All @/all , I have done some steps over with FoXy.

Presently, it has basic capabilities for parsing and emitting XML files (tags). Currently, there is only limited SAX-like facilities (nested tags can be searched/retrieved, but there is not a real tree-representation, all is done by string-parsing on the fly).

I would like to implement also (limited) DOM-like capabilities.

Are there experts on XML parsers and SAX-DOM "approaches"?

I need good feed to learn about well-established XML parsers. Currently, I have been mostly inspired by Python Yattag module that is (manly) a very easy (html/xml) tag emitter, but for FoXy I need to be inspired by more complete XML parsers.

I have not yet studied the other Fortran XML parsers available on the web, but I will do it soon. I am not sure if here there are the authors of those Fortran libraries, but in case your help is very appreciated.

My best regards.