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Jul 2016
Stefano Zaghi
Jul 11 2016 11:22

Coarray and PETSc

Dear All,
I would like to know your opinions. We ( @francescosalvadore @andreadimascio and me) have started a new interesting Fortran project for solving PDE. The project is under the very-early-borning phase where we are trying to define the main design specifications, however we are already taking some strategic decisions for the future developments. In particular we are disccussing about the parallelization strategy: we would like to exploit PETSc to perform some critical computations. However, we would also like to adopt coarray (over MPI) for other stuffs.

Do you have any experience on using PETSc, in particular within coarray? @zbeekman @muellermichel @afanfa @rouson @nncarlson I think you are the most experienced in this parallel contest, do you have any advices on PETSc/Coarray mixing? There is a better library than PETSc already supporting Coarray?

Thank you @/all for your help.