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Jul 2016
Damian Rouson
Jul 12 2016 06:44
@szaghi, mixing CAF and any MPI code should work fine. One of the great things about coarrays is the way they integrate with non-coarray code. All coarrays are actually local data structures. They just happen to be local data that are accessible remotely. You can drop the square braces from a reference to a coarray and pass the local elements into PETSc or into MPI or any other library that doesn't need to know anything about the fact that the data you're passing just happen to be part of a coarray. Of course, it's up to you to handle any necessary synchronization to make the approach work.
Please let us know what algorithms you're interested in using in PETSc. For a linear algebra library that is Fortran all the way down, I recommend checking out PSBLAS, develop by the research group of Alessandro's former Ph.D. advisor. The 3.x versions of PSBLAS use object-oriented Fortran 2003 (and also contain some GPU code that Alessandro wrote). And we currently have a developer working with Alessandro to enhance the gfortran/OpenCoarrays to support for allocatable components of derived type coarrays.