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Sep 2016
Stefano Zaghi
Sep 03 2016 09:18

@milancurcic @zbeekman @rouson I am very sorry for my delay about FOODIE progress, there are some open calls at CNR thus I am studing a lot (there is no hope for me, but I have to try), moreover my main work had few great "loads" on my shoulder last months that absorbed all my time :-( I hope that passed this "hot autumn" I can again work on FOODIE. FURY has been my summer-code-toy "thinked" under the sun of Puglia (sud Italy) while Angelica was spleeping (almost never :-). It started as toy for passing few hours and improving my fortran skills, but now I think that Van Snyder was right and such a feature can save us from many errors and loss of time in consistency checks. I spent a lot of hours last days to cleanup the code because I want integrate it into our pre-postprocessors: it could help our students to be more confident on setup the simulations and analize the results.

Indeed the acronym comes after the name: I was programing it as a "fury" with the hope that Angelica did not wake up :smile: only after I played with the name to build a meaningful acronym in topic with library aim, just a fortunate coincidence :smile: A wiseman could say that "the only good part of my codes is the funny name", but I hope to surprise you :smile_cat: