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Jan 2017
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Jan 09 2017 03:39
Yes transforming uses Jacobian. So you're using multi-grid? Or chimera/overset grids?
Stefano Zaghi
Jan 09 2017 05:46

@zbeekman Giacomo used a kinda of multi-grid (non dynamic/adaptive grid refinement), I am using dynamic overlapping grid (Chimera) with also multi-grid acceleration, but the point is that we want to have:

  • multi-grid residual acceleration;
  • AMR (dynamic/adaptive mesh refinement);
  • dynamic overlapping grids (Chimera with moving bodies);
  • initially based on structured (body fitted) blocks but at same point we want:
    • mix also unstructured blocks (to easy mesh region of low interest);
    • mix also immersed boundaries;
    • track sharp interface between:
      • same fluid with different state or phase;
      • different fluids:

One crucial point (among others) is doing interpolation with very different solutions computed on the some region.

Giacomo Rossi
Jan 09 2017 07:46
@zbeekman And how you evaluate Jacobian elements? I refer to the derivatives of the physical coordinates respect to computational coordinates, or vice-versa.