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Jan 2017
Stefano Zaghi
Jan 25 2017 07:04
@zbeekman I do not tried it. It looks interesting, however reading the main features I cannot say why I should prefer it over VIM: with VIM (with a lot of plugins, yes, but it is super easy to use vim plugins, directly from github!) I have almost all that features (I think only visual debugging is still a pain with vim, but my debugging style almost relies on print*, 'I am here'...) and much more vimish features... Why do you say that emacs has half of the functionality? Renaming, autocompletition, search (tree view), etc... are available in vim and I think also in emacs. I admit, I do not consider the legacy support a feature, but it maybe for you. Also the auto-documentation is not a feature for me, I am now too much addicted to FORD :smile: I see only the support for visual debugging a plus that is still missing on vim. Can you tell which features you are particularly interested in? Cheers
Giacomo Rossi
Jan 25 2017 07:28
@szaghi your debugging messages are a little different :smile: :smile: :smile:
Stefano Zaghi
Jan 25 2017 08:28
@giacombum I like that Zaak still think I am polite... but I have to admit that I am Latin, specially when debugging...