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Feb 2017
Stefano Zaghi
Feb 15 2017 15:10


Dear Zaak, I am trying your docker image for having a very fresh build of gfortran... it is very fancy, your image has been installed and ran very smoothly in my Arch Linux, thank you very much!

I am very new to docker, I have not read all docs... my apologize if my following question is very silly. Running your image mounting a source_path is handy for testing that source with a new gfortran, but it is tedius to stop the image and run it again with another source path. It would be very handy to use your docker image like I do with python virtualenv: run the image to have the new gfortran and use it on my whole system, not only into 1 mounted path.

Is it possible to run a docker image on the whole file system? Or at least is safe to mount one partition as source_path, say to mount /home/stefano?