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Feb 2017
Feb 24 2017 08:06
CMake compilation system is on the one in charge of detecting if the HDF5 installation is parallel or not
I can study the way to write "custom data" into the HDF5/XDMF files. I will tell you if I have some news
Giacomo Rossi
Feb 24 2017 14:28
Hi @/all : does anyone know if assumed rank array is fully supported from recent Intel (16, 17) and gnu (6, 7) compilers?
Stefano Zaghi
Feb 24 2017 14:50

@giacombum With the test you sent me, Intel 17.0.3 generates a catastrophic error and GNU 7.0.1 says

Error: Assumed-rank variable arr2 at (1) may only be used as actual argument

Maybe, this is not the correct usage. If I recall well, this feature is intended to facilitate C-interop...

Giacomo Rossi
Feb 24 2017 14:54
yes, this feature is always linked to C-interop...
@szaghi the errors are the same (catastrophic with Intel and compiling error with GNU) with Intel 16.0.3 and GNU 6.3.1