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Mar 2017
Stefano Zaghi
Mar 17 2017 16:55

@zbeekman Zaak I am not able to pull your latest docker image, I got

Error response from daemon: Get dial tcp: lookup No address associated with hostname

Is it my issue, or something is changed?

Damian Rouson
Mar 17 2017 19:36
I too suspect it is a compiler error and I'm not totally surprised given past errors I've seen with Intel. I would help, however, to see the error message. I suggest reducing it further and submitting a bug report to Intel. I also recommend inquiring about whether you can be put on their list to become a beta tester when the next beta program starts. They usually run a beta test program starting around March and ending around September so hopefully it will happen soon. They give a high priority to bugs reported on the beta version. I heard one piece of good news: apparently the next Intel release will be fully Fortran 2008 compliant. They'll be the second compiler to reach that exciting goal.
Stefano Zaghi
Mar 17 2017 20:10

@rouson Dear Damian, the minimal working example has been already done (not by me, but by a very nice Fortraner) and submitted to intel developers attention. It happened that this is really an intel bug and, more funny, it is of the same nature of another issue I faced within @francescosalvadore and for which he created this report. I was in the beta testing last year, I'll probably be also in the next. It is wonderful that intel will be fully compliant with 2008 standard!

Aside, I faced today with a probable bug with GNU gfortran 6.3.1 (and 7.0.0, not able to test against the Zaak nightly build). The (probable) bug is related to abstract types... I hope to be able to isolate a simple example monday.

My best regards.