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Mar 2017
Stefano Zaghi
Mar 27 2017 08:58

Dear Zaak, I can confirm, the issue was due to my broken docker installation

┌╼ stefano@zaghi(10:55 AM Mon Mar 27)
├───╼ ~ 32 files, 6.3Mb
└──────╼ docker pull zbeekman/nightly-gcc-trunk-docker-image
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from zbeekman/nightly-gcc-trunk-docker-image
5f2c9defd8b5: Pull complete
676f34be0213: Pull complete
eecb0076700b: Pull complete
8c856ba4f4c6: Pull complete
97f9497af1ef: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:7869ca6419b3f554392f72cc1cd0b90449dbe374b6bbb9cd80cb91e76e4d3960
Status: Downloaded newer image for zbeekman/nightly-gcc-trunk-docker-image:latest
╼ stefano@zaghi(10:56 AM Mon Mar 27)
├───╼ ~ 32 files, 6.3Mb
└──────╼ docker images
REPOSITORY                                TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
zbeekman/nightly-gcc-trunk-docker-image   latest              614b0749b3db        2 hours ago         579 MB
hello-world                               latest              48b5124b2768        2 months ago        1.84 kB

Thank you!

Stefano Zaghi
Mar 27 2017 13:14

Hi @/all ,
there is anyone here that is expert (or at least who has already used) multi-step ODE integrator with variable time step-size? Maybe @jacobwilliams with DDEABM or other libraries? I searched for good references on sciencedirect, but after an hour I did not find anything really interesting?

In particular, I am interested on Strong Stability Preserving multi-step Runge-Kutta solvers to achieve an ODE solver of at least 8th formal order of accuracy that preserves stability features to deal with discontinuous solutions. However, in the literature it seems that such a scheme has been developed for only fixed time step (probably because the varying time step was juiced to be too costly). Before spent my time to (re)compute the linear-multi-step coefficients I like to know if some of you can point me to good references.

My best regards.