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Apr 2017
Jacob Williams
Apr 02 2017 17:55
I'm not familiar with the "strong stability preserving" concept so I can't help there. I've used many variable step ODE IVP solvers before. Some good ones (Fortran) are DDEABM, DOP853, DIVA, RKNINT. At least they are good for my kinds of problems (spacecraft trajectories).
Stefano Zaghi
Apr 02 2017 20:44
Dear @jacobwilliams thank you for replay. I contacted one of the main developer/creator of the Strong Stability Preserving models and he said that such methods (SSP multistep Runge-Kutta with variable stepsize) are not yet done at all: I am now trying to develop one with his help (I hope). If you are interest, check FOODIE :smile: Thank you as always.
@jacobwilliams I do not know DIVA and RKNINT. Can you give me some references?