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Aug 2017
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Aug 09 2017 20:15
@rchuso I'd love to see what you came up with in a gist. Also, I'm curious if Coarray Fortran can suite your needs or if you are relying and certain low level MPI calls. Coarray Fortran can let you leverage one sided comms without the hassle and complexity of all the low level MPI calls. Intel has a decent (at least F2008 compliant) implementation, and GFortran w/ OpenCoarrays supports some Fortran 2015 features like events in addition to all (I think*) F2008 features.
@jeffhammond can weigh in with more details RE: ifort support for Coarrays. @rouson has a better handle on exactly which set of features are currently supported by GFortran + OpenCoarrays.
Jeff Hammond
Aug 09 2017 21:42
Intel Fortran supports Fortran 2008, including coarrays. It does not support Fortran 2015 coarray features. What I know about coarrays in Intel Fortran is based upon the coarray programs in I have worked with the Intel Fortran team to improve performance in coarray programs by improving their use of MPI-3 RMA, which is the best available portable conduit for coarrays.
Rand Huso
Aug 09 2017 22:05
@zbeekman I'm trying to get my entire mpi abstraction layer working in Fortran and C++. I've done this in Python and in C some years ago, and before the NeSI conference next year I should have all four languages implemented for my presentation. Wanted it for this year, but didn't make it. Coarray doesn't meet my needs at all - entirely the wrong direction. If I have the time this weekend I'll post my test code somewhere and give the URI here.