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Aug 2017
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Aug 12 2017 21:36
@/all I am excited to announce the release of OpenCoarrays 1.9.1 which includes many important bug fixes.

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Bug fixes

  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#325 will help user download and install Xcode command line tools (CLT) on Mac OS which is needed to compile code on Macs if it is missing or excessively outdated
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#378 mpirun changed to mpiexec and mpif90 changed to mpifort, consistent with MPI standard recommendations
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#398 fix some erroneous internal library calls when exceptions are encountered
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#399 fix allocation of allocatable components of coarray derived types
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#402 increase portability of install script by removing dependency on tree command
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#404 fix issue where was ignoring user specified -m/--with-cmake CMake location
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#406 use secure https/encrypted sources for fetching and installing prerequisites to help mitigate the possibility of a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#408 switch to downloading the gzipped GCC archive rather than the bz2 because gzip is more common/portable and because bz2 compressed GCC archives seem to have disappeared for some recent releases on GCC mirrors
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#411 fix bug causing event_post to hang when going over the network (multiple nodes)
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#422 clarify runtime error messages for partially or un-implemented
  • Corrected logic to control under which circumstances certain tests are run that may only work correctly under GFortran 6 or GFortran 7


  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#410 add option --disable-bootstrap to to help speed builds of GCC when bootstrapping is not required because a recent GCC is performing the build
  • sourceryinstitute/OpenCoarrays#424 add option to to download the requested package from a user specified URL
  • Prevent developer's advanced Makefiles and GASNet directory from being distributed with release tarballs


Please see the installation instructions for more details on how to build and install this version of OpenCoarrays

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