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Oct 2017
Stefano Zaghi
Oct 25 2017 14:22
Dear /all , have you any Fortran (or Fortran friendly) library for Immersed Boundary simulations to suggest? Toolkits, libraries or the like are much more than welcome. @zbeekman @milancurcic maybe you have done such a simulations? I have to peform a simulation on a very complex geometry where the viscous terms can be neglected, thus I would like to avoid to create a time-consuming Chimera grid this time, IB methods seem to be very suited for this project...
Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
Oct 25 2017 19:42
@/all If you have an opportunity to star, watch and fork the wonderful parallel linear algebra library, PSBLAS and the MultiLevel Domain Decomposition Parallel Preconditioners Package based on PSBLAS (MLD2P4) it would be greatly appreciated. They are pre-requisites for a project I am involved with and I'm trying to get them into Homebrew/Linuxbrew. Both are execellent and very efficient. They are also Fortran based with Modern practices.
@szaghi no good Fortran solutions I know of. cwrowley was a professor of mine at Princeton though, and is quite a sharp guy. IBAMR is another non-Fortran solution that should be quite good. The only Fortran IB method I know is but I have no idea what its quality is.