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Jul 2018
Giacomo Rossi
Jul 10 2018 21:30
Just to Brother you @/all a little bit more with OpenCL: what do you think about the future of Fortran and accelerators? For example, how CAF could interact with the accelerators? CAF could be directly used on accelerators without any layer in between, or this is not possible? Because I think that, for example, OpenCL is getting more and more attention from hardware developers (because it's open and it can be used on different hardware, that it isn't true for example for CUDA). But when with CUDA Fortran and, for example, PGI compiler is possible to easily parallelize the code to run it on GPU, I think that this is not possible with OpenCL. In other words, you are more inside Fortran community and standard committee: what are your feelings about the future of this language and its interoperability with accelerators and future "de facto" standards?