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Sep 2018
Michel Müller
Sep 27 2018 10:14
Hi all. I've been invited to the BCS Fortran Specialist Group meeting in London, and I'm currently sitting there. Will try to plug our group if that's alright ;)
they have some of the standards committee members here
Sep 27 2018 10:16
Great! :+1:
Michel Müller
Sep 27 2018 10:46
@szaghi regarding CUDA Fortran being evil: could you expand a little bit why you think so? just because it's proprietary / closed source, or is there a deeper reason as well?
Stefano Zaghi
Sep 27 2018 11:57
@muellermichel Hi Michel, happy to hear you again (I am sorry for my silence, I am doing very few Fortran in last months...). Yes, essentially because I do not like to chain my self to a closed-proprietary, non standard features. The concept is cool, the implementation could be nice (I do not test is), but the fact that is not a standard rather a proprietary extension let me think that it is not worth to spend my time (which time????) to use it
Michel Müller
Sep 27 2018 13:05
the thing is, I'd rather have one vendor to take GPU support on Fortran seriously and do it with proprietary technology, rather than having no good GPU support at all. During my years of doing GPU on Fortran, CUDA Fortran has been the one thing that's actually stable, performant and with reasonable tooling support.
I generally tend to be more pragmatic with these things. I like to make my work open where possible, but I understand when and why corporations choose to monetize things when they have an edge on the market. The encumbents, like AMD, tend to make their stuff open in order to get a foot in the door, so their motives are far from altruistic either. Personally I hope that AMD with their new successes in x86 can get enough cash to catch up o NVIDIA and build up their source compatible version of "CUDA" - so far I'm not aware of much Fortran support there, but that might change when they see what bigger HPC customers require.