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    Are you one of those who blame the female side for being not successful with women? “No Girl Is Interested In Me” is a sentence I hear from so many men… In fact, it’s funny how many men just hope that one day a beautiful girl will knock on their door, and say “I Want You!”. They actually know it can’t and won’t happen, but yet they continue hoping.

    Even if a Girl is Interested, she won’t make the first step

    This is a lesson every guy has to learn: Girls rarely approach men. Think about it: You are a man, you feel strong, you have balls, society expects you to approach… For women it’s the opposite. If you feel fears of approach, think how hard it is for her to approach. In addition to that, women are less attracted to physical looks, and more to strong and masculine behaviour. If she just sees you without interacting with you, most of the chances are that she won’t be attracted enough.

    If a girl is interested, she will only give you hints

    Although women are attracted to behaviour and masculine personality, they can still be interested in a man just by seeing him. It might be because of how he behaves, and it might be even because of his looks. The way women will usually their interest, will be indirect. She will not approach you – She will just give you hints. Hints can include eye contact, touching the hair, moving closer towards you, and even touching you “by mistake”. Although women consider these hints as easy to recognize, many men just Don’t See them. In many cases, men think women are not interested in them, when the truth is that they just don’t see the signals women give them.

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    It’s the Man’s Job to Approach

    The last and most important point that I want to give in this post, is that as hard and frustrating as this can be for you – if you are a man, it’s your job to approach. It’s your job to initiate. Women expect this for you, because you are the man. No matter how you look, how much you earn, and even how good your flirting skills are – If you just stay passive, your chances are almost none. Think about it from the good prospective: Women can’t choose the guys who approach them. As a man, you choose the woman you like. You can approach any woman you like. Just approach. Most guys have a fear of approaching women. If that is the case, I recommend reading a post I wrote about methods to overcome approach anxiety,

    What do you think? Are you one of those who wait for girls to approach and show their interest?