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Apr 2021
Apr 15 15:30 UTC
May I ask someone to post the output of 'ldd /usr/local/bin/pulseaudio' ? Does the vanilla pulse even link with
And apparently, consolekit2 option 'X11' is useless when disabled: "optional" --with-x11 does not work due to the check in configure, and direct xlib dependencies in the code.
Apr 15 15:47 UTC, if consolekit is needed for runtime pulseaudio without X11, then please leave comments. Thanks.
Apr 15 22:00 UTC
@ekhramtsov there was a thing about pulse's CK integration recently turns out the integration module just "keeps PulseAudio running for the duration of the user login session", not sure who uses that
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Graham Perrin
Apr 15 23:54 UTC
Rule of thumb, do developers in drm-kmod areas prefer bugs to be raised in GitHub i.e., or in FreeBSD Bugzilla?