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Knaldgas GeitMint, selecting the imported STL, Part->Refine Shape is grayed out :(
EngrChris Speaking of meshes. Is it possable to offset the mesh surface? I have a 400k mesh that can't be reduced.
GeitMint Knaldgas: you used import from part menu?
tubes4branes You can use external tools such as MeshLab.
tubes4branes or gmsh
tubes4branes CAD systems don't always have powerful meshing tools, as they usually have BREP geometry engines, and represent objects based on a hierarchy of operations, systems of equations, etc…
tubes4branes you can even consider editing the mesh with Blender and then importing it.
tubes4branes it should import just fine.
Knaldgas GeitMint, no from the File Menu. Part->Import CAD... does not support STL.
Knaldgas tubes4branes, Hmm, Blender may be the solution, thanks
GeitMint well, right. I used "create shape from mesh" followed by "refine mesh". It can take a while for sure. At least if you leave the resolution at default it could take ten to twenty minutes
GeitMint depending on the system you use of course
Knaldgas GeitMint, well, then I will set it to cook overnight :)
Knaldgas Thanks!
GeitMint I tried with a spoolholder for my 3d printer and it took around 10 minutes. just a carved wheel with a hole in the middle. :D
rebecca hey, could someone take a look at a sketch for me. it broke somehow
rebecca nvm, sprinkling in some construction geometry saved the day
rebecca is there a way to change the scaling of a sketcher-partdesign model after the fact but within freecad?
rebecca I have a model created from photos without any absolute measurements. it was all ratios so i eyeballed the numbers to begin with but now i would like to uniformly scale the resulting hairball of sketcher + spreadsheet numbers
rebecca meticulously changing these numbers after the fact would not be a fun exercise
rebecca but it would be nice if a better solution than 'resize the stl' was the only answer
rebecca https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4166089 if anyone is curious
Compound CAD
I'm not sure if this would be possible, but maybe if you put the parameters you want to vary in a spreadsheet and applying a growth factor to each dimension and feeding it back into the design from the spreadsheet
Or maybe creating variables for each dimension might be another approach, I'm curious to see how you solve that!
captain_morgan06 Is there some known difference or compile option that would make exporting a sketch as SVG different between linux and windows?
captain_morgan06 at home on Linux it seems I can just select a sketch and ctrl-e and svg works but I don't get the option on Windows, both 0.19
captain_morgan06 oh wait, I do get it under Drawing but then errors with "Export of this object type is not supported by Drawing module"
captain_morgan06 oh but this works I guess, I can put the sketch into a drawing...
Bushman ave
Bushman can't install from PPA so i've downloaded appimage
Bushman 0.19
blitzkraft I use freecad appimage too.
Bushman in path workbench i'm unable to add tool
Bushman after i click ok the tool is not added to the list.
Bushman no errors in terminal
Bushman any help?
blitzkraft I never used the path workbench. Got any steps to reproduce? I can try and find if I get the same results.
blitzkraft Or can you share a file?
Bushman the tool manager is also kinda weird looking, as if something was missing. like those three buttons above the left list are blank. no icons, no text
Bushman blitzkraft: open path workbench, create new job, open tool manager, add new tool, click ok
Bushman same thing happens if you try to add new tool during job creation
blitzkraft Try and change your icon theme, system wide. For the icons. Some QT applications/themes have that issue.
blitzkraft I'm using freecad 0.18. I created a cube with some filleted edges. I created a job. I also added a new tool.
Bushman hmm...
blitzkraft In the parts tree on the left, there is a Job with operations, tool, stock and setup sheet.
blitzkraft Is that the expected outcome?
Bushman one sec, verifying your last sugestion
Bushman ok, 2 things...
Bushman i can NOT see the icons still (changed theme to gnome icons)
Bushman but i blindly clicked the right-most button and added a tool table