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[irc] <Prutz> I think Manjaro isn't really doing it's thing
[irc] <Prutz> When you see those scares for XY, YZ etc.. axis I can move it
[irc] <Prutz> but it won't highlight like it should do
[irc] <Prutz> should try it tomorrow on a different PC with Windows
[irc] <somlis> try the drop down. SKetch--Setcher geometries--create line /or circle nothing?
[irc] <somlis> freecad from the repo does the same?
[irc] <Prutz> yes I downloaded FreeCAD from Manjaro Repos. first
[irc] <Prutz> got the problem
[irc] <Prutz> Now using the one you showed me the FreeCAD Conda
[irc] <Prutz> same problem
[irc] <Prutz> really weird..
[irc] <somlis> then my second hand experience with manjaro sadly points directly at it. they seem to do some weird things sadly. version 0.19 and 0.20 do work for me.
[irc] <Prutz> Think it's Manjaro yes...
[irc] <Prutz> It's giving me a hardtime last days anyway lol
[irc] <somlis> just use arch :-)
[irc] <Prutz> Manjaro has Arch under the bonnet
[irc] <somlis> i mean you don't have to. fedora and all the other big ones are fine too.
[irc] <somlis> yeah but it works on arch.
[irc] <Prutz> Maybe should use an older Kernel version
[irc] <somlis> did it work before? then maybe it could something recently updated.
[irc] <Prutz> never used Fedora before or Arch
[irc] <Prutz> Installed today for the first time
[irc] <somlis> still good idea to just try a different pc and see what it should do. then you know what is wrong.
[irc] <Prutz> yeah or even try other distro
[irc] <somlis> manjaro has a more active forum i think. if you don't get answers on irc
[irc] <Prutz> Yeah it's pretty lively
[irc] <Prutz> Good idea.. could toss the problem on the forum to see if more people will encouter the same problem
[irc] <somlis> if you do VMs. you could try a other distro in a vm. but it's only fast if you already know how.
[irc] <Prutz> Or could try USB lifestick as well?
[irc] <somlis> yes but you need to consider that it might be very slow.
[irc] <Prutz> always could give it try :)
[irc] <Prutz> what are you using? Arch?
[irc] <somlis> yes
[irc] <somlis> and sometimes windows
[irc] <somlis> freecad is awesome. worth to try changing a few things to make it work.
[irc] <Prutz> yeah i saw some videos from maker tales on youtube
[irc] <Prutz> looks promising :D
[irc] <Prutz> and he told the other bigger companies changed their agreements etc
[irc] <Prutz> and more people trying FreeCAD
[irc] <Prutz> never used other 3D software before.. so better choice to use FreeCAD :)
[irc] <somlis> if you don't need solids could also try blender. blender is awesome too.
[irc] <Prutz> anyway... gotta go to bed
[irc] <somlis> later
[irc] <Prutz> yeah i have blender as well
[irc] <Prutz> but that is more for fluid designs i would say
[irc] <Prutz> and steeper learning curve
[irc] <Prutz> anyway thanks a lot for your help =)
[irc] <somlis> np
[irc] <Prutz> cya and have a good day/night
[irc] <somlis> same thanks