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I mainly threw out the async-handler, and the new Promise code. I feel like using them saves you a few lines, but were like 1 or 2 lines here or there haha
great thanks @bradtaniguchi :)
Just noticed my getUserByUsername needs the async in front of the (username) code, otherwise the code wont work hehe
and you will need the await next to the dbGetUserByUsername call aswell hehe
Ankit Phondani
https://github.com/phondani0 can anyone review my code
Abiodun Akorede
I need help with the managing packages with npm,after following instructions and pasting url in to box,it does not verify,only show signs of loading
Dhairya Sharma
Implement Heap Sort with a Min Heap getting erroe
@dhairya0907 gist please
let me know what you think of my personal portfolio.. still need to add form submission .. mostly interested in everyones opinion on the design and colors of the site.. i suck at design and am working on it.
@RandyGoldsmith Good one but Smooth scroll will be an advantage!
@RandyGoldsmith hey man, the background image is way too heavy, pls compress it, to load the page faster
menu texts are dancing while hovering over
Paradox Framework - Please review and suggest any improvements. - https://emilo9.github.io/Paradox-CSS-Framework-Alpha/Paradox_Example.html
It worked fine for me on my website https://bbbootstrap.com
// running tests
JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
// tests completed
Managing Packages with Npm
Someone help me please
Send the code if U can
Adhetya Narayan
Can someone review my project?https://codepen.io/AdiBoy/pen/ZEYyLEP
Test case 1 failure @Adhetya check bro
And always send the full page view ๐Ÿคน
Nancy Brown
Take Advices From Experts Regarding Cash App Using Cash App Help
Sometimes, it becomes necessary to take advice from the professionals who will help you out by resolving the whole host of your problems. What you need to do is to visit the official website of cash app and then move to Cash App Help section at anytime from anywhere.
Avoiding Breaking Security With The Cash App Number?
Do you really want to add up extra security over your cash app account? Are you also looking for the help to avoid breaking security? For the reason itself, you should get the complete information along with the proper supervision from customer care experts by using Cash App Number at anytime.
PTI Academy
Hello All, I want to remove my account from Gitter, because I got irrelevant traffic from this site. My website is totally based on Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have 4k plus unwanted url from this site on my website. Please tell me how can I remove that links from my website.
Are you using API like!? @ptiacademy_twitter
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
Hey folks! Check out Bitwise Calculator, which is built in React :) If you have time, please review and feedback code.
But code?
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
Sorry. Forgot to add the link in markdown format.
Unable to delete when "NaN" in input box
I think you can put label down to the input box and disable NaN
Not disable - *display
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€. Restriction on input will be added soon.
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
Hello guys. Anyone interested to work in open source project from scratch. It is not any billion dollar idea. However it is somehow useful. The motive is to experiencing collaborative development & push our skills to real world. Are you in? The skills required is ReactJS or ElectronJS, Other technology we can learn later on during process.
@Marvin9 Whats the actual app idea? I'm a TS dev and have been interested in electronjs, but should be fine without TS (but I do think its always worth it hehe)
Mayursinh Sarvaiya
@bradtaniguchi I have messaged you personally.
John Melody Me

<Android Development>
My folder and and file not exist in the local storage. I made a helper to create a directory in phone storage. But it Works on Samsung J2 but not the rest.

My Helper : https://gist.github.com/johnmelodyme/c2e1d648df216fe0f168d0985418f4d7

 if (FileHelper.saveToFile(readMessage)) {
                Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this,  "Saved to " + Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + 
                + FILE_NAME, 
                 Log.d(TAG, "Data Saved");
} else {
    // something something;

Am I doing it wrong ?

2 replies
code review for my library https://github.com/linkin-park/csvtojson
Hello everyone ! i would love to receive feedback on my Landing Page project https://codepen.io/florci1/pen/ZEbZRGa either good or bad !
https://discord.gg/KVUmVXA move to FCC discord.
John Melody Me
Am I doing it wrong ?
import "package:encrypt/encrypt.dart";
import "dart:convert";

class monjo_encryption {
  static int theKeyLength = 32;
  static int theLengthOfInitialisationVector = 16;
  static var key = Key.fromLength(theKeyLength);
  static var iv = IV.fromLength(theLengthOfInitialisationVector);
  static var AESENCRYPTOR = Encrypter(AES(key));

  // AES-Symmetric, padding: random
  encrypt_string(String sendMessage) {
    var encrypted = AESENCRYPTOR.encrypt(sendMessage, iv:iv);
    String encryptedHashes = encrypted.base64;
    return encryptedHashes;

  decrypt_string(var encrypted) {
    var decrypted = AESENCRYPTOR.decrypt(encrypted, iv:iv);
    String DecryptedHashes = decrypted;
    return DecryptedHashes;
void main () {
  monjo_encryption test = new monjo_encryption();
  var a = test.encrypt_string("hahslkjdflkjsdflksjdflksjdfslkdfjsldkfjah");
  List <int> b = utf8.encode(a);
myStr = "I am a \"double quoted\" string inside \"double quotes\"."
I am getting error why
Victor Popescu
@zishu123 because you have only " " quotes and you can't do that. Every second " will end your string definition.


myStr = 'I am a \"double quoted\"string inside \"double quotes\".'

wrap your string with single quotes and it might work

Tunde Oretade
hi guys. I need help. I have this Api that I am trying to consume: https://torre.bio/api/bios/ and I usually get this error Access to XMLHttpRequest at 'https://torre.bio/api/bios/john' from origin 'http://localhost:3000' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. on close investigation at the network tab I found out that any time I hit the above url I am being redirected to https://bio.torre.co/api/bios. Which seems to show that I may need a proxy server backend to handle access to this url. I have searched and nothing comes close to a solution. A stackoverflow respose "https://stackoverflow.com/questions/70114502/access-to-xmlhttprequest-at-from-origin-http-localhost4200-has-been-bloc " is a close answer but it was implemented with .Net. My app codebase is in react and I need help on setting up a proxy server to consume the API above. Thanks.