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Sep 2015
Sep 28 2015 21:07

Hi people:
@BerkeleyTrue, @QuincyLarson, @dcsan, @benmcmahon100
@andela-bfowotade, @SaintPeter
@abhisekp, @biancamihai, @Lightwaves, @cdikibo, @AdventureBear, @mildused, @ArielLeslie, @qmikew1, @dting, @coding-choi, @techstonia, @awesomeaniruddh

Did you know that…? According to the analysis over the same data as previous reports, the time of the day that showed the maximum activity was between 8pm-9pm GMT. The time appears to coincide with the Western time, including Europe. That was about 2 months ago. No recent data has been evaluated since.

The analysis is in the project repo.

Quick Report:
DA app:

  • Making some front-end amendments before loading to heroku
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise for data analysis in Javascript, with relevant data

Chat Room Analysis:

  • analysing text: simple techniques for identification of technical questions in the messages (baq corpus; similarity analysis, region setting using regressions)
  • verifying the use of other techniques (for example using Multidimensional Scaling)
  • PURPOSE: to answer the questions about participation in Gitter


  • Still looking for someone else to join
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise using basejumps, to collect demographics
Sep 28 2015 21:14

In the News...:
I made a reference to one of the works of Ramiro Gomez (, this time one about scraping The Guardian articles related to Climate Change. The author is very known for his numerous works combining JavaScript and Python tools for serious data mining.

Coincidentally a similar graphing is one of the proposed ones for our DA App.

This Week...:
DA App:
--- redis
--- Other improvements

Chat Room Analysis:
--- More work on text analysis

--- In progress