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Oct 2015
Oct 05 2015 11:03
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Hi people:
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Did you know that…? No section this week, only thanking the FCC staff for mentioning the work of this group at the October Summit and advances about the Open Data project

There is an issue (#3589(FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp#3589)) recently opened by Quincy

Quick Report:
DA app:

  • A first working demo was loaded into heroku; WARNING: it is working slowly, and some times fails to render graphs; please give your observations
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise for data analysis in Javascript, with relevant data

Chat Room Analysis:

  • analysing text: simple techniques for identification of technical questions in the messages (baq corpus; similarity analysis, region setting using regressions) was done, with some interesting results; not published yet
  • see a short description of the method here
  • PURPOSE: to answer the questions about participation in Gitter

Infographics and Data Visualization:

  • new section
  • working on some data visualization (check here)
    *PURPOSE: training in data visualization techniques


  • Still looking for someone else to join
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise using basejumps, to collect demographics

In the News...:
For those who are interested in trying your own infographics without using one of the templates that exist out there, I found this link; there are many online courses and tutorials, but I think (paid) is offering good resources; for the html environment, d3.js is the most recommended tool (quora).

This Week...:
DA App:
--- currently reading about redis
--- other improvements

Chat Room Analysis:
--- more work on text analysis
--- verifying the use of other techniques (for example using Multidimensional Scaling)

Infographics and Data Visualization:
--- currently reading some tutorials about and piping some few ideas

--- in progress

Oct 05 2015 16:13
this is a "retweet" of an Ariel's post: funny!