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Oct 2015
Oct 18 2015 19:14

Hi people:
@BerkeleyTrue, @QuincyLarson, @dcsan, @benmcmahon100
@andela-bfowotade, @SaintPeter
@abhisekp, @biancamihai, @Lightwaves, @cdikibo, @AdventureBear, @mildused, @ArielLeslie, @qmikew1, @dting, @coding-choi, @techstonia, @awesomeaniruddh, @michael-krebs, @roelver

No Did you know that…? this week
There is and issue (#3589(FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp#3589)) recently opened by Quincy

Quick Report:
DA app:

  • No changes
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise for data analysis in Javascript, with relevant data

Chat Room Analysis:

  • analysing text: an analysis and some conclusions are provided at this link
  • we stop looking for a help-request classifier for now
  • PURPOSE: to answer the questions about participation in Gitter

Infographics and Data Visualization:

  • the data for the visualization is being revised to offer another type of information
    *PURPOSE: training in data visualization techniques


  • no advances in this project
  • PURPOSE: practical exercise using basejumps, to collect demographics

In the News...:

  • this week, a link about web-scraping using nodejs; this and the work by @roelver would be source of inspiration for projects in the near future

This Week...:
DA App:
--- currently reading about redis
--- other improvements

Chat Room Analysis:
--- @roelver's work demonstrated how easy is to scrap some data; that suggests that there are ways to explore the relations between camper's performance and chat participation; this has been formerly commented with @SaintPeter and @ArielLeslie

Infographics and Data Visualization:
--- some few ideas in progress

--- idle

Berkeley Martinez
Oct 18 2015 19:16
@evaristoc You are missing the show!!
Oct 18 2015 20:27
Thanks, @BerkeleyTrue!
Oct 18 2015 20:27
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Roel Verbunt
Oct 18 2015 23:38
@evaristoc I've run a daily update for the top100 stats for the last week. But since the code is on Github, anyone could launch the update with