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Nov 2015
Nov 01 2015 16:41
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Nov 01 2015 17:30


DataScience Room is an effort for those campers to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with elements of JS, for all levels and interests.


(in the fixed list - let me if you want to be part or not of this list:
@BerkeleyTrue, @QuincyLarson, @dcsan, @benmcmahon100
@andela-bfowotade, @SaintPeter
@abhisekp, @biancamihai, @Lightwaves, @cdikibo, @AdventureBear, @mildused, @ArielLeslie, @qmikew1, @dting, @coding-choi, @techstonia, @awesomeaniruddh, @michael-krebs, @roelver)

... The Last Week…:

  • I got approval from CodePen to practice a scraping over their pages. The idea is to work a demo project that would resemble the @roelver's top100 but focused on the progress of some of the Ziplines, extracting information currently not available in FCC databases. The project is open for collaboration… They also suggested the following project

In the News…:

... Next Week…:

  • Focus on CodePen project

A Wish List…:

  • I am in the mood of comparing the methodology used for the text analytics project with a different method, and possibly adding other case study (i.e. camper)
  • I am preparing some room in my agenda to take the methodology by @roelver to be used for a broader analysis of the effectiveness of Gitter as part of the FCC's Learning Platform
  • We have enough data to start attrition analyses in some of the gitter rooms; we have already explored a methodological approach in previous study
  • The survey project is idle… we were looking for another person to join the project...

NOTE: I will be travelling next week so we will resume activities second week of Nov

Abhisek Pattnaik
Nov 01 2015 17:32
@evaristoc in the template of notifying users, you can include the username mentions at the bottom.
Nov 01 2015 19:58
@abhisekp thanks, I will do!
Nov 01 2015 19:58
evaristoc sends brownie points to @abhisekp :sparkles: :thumbsup: :sparkles:
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Roel Verbunt
Nov 01 2015 22:39
I added a feature to the top 100, that allows users to login with Github and select users to follow. The ranking of you + people following can be displayed.
Nov 01 2015 22:57
Nice, @roelver!