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Nov 2015
Bianca Mihai
Nov 30 2015 13:03
@evaristoc ping me if you think I can help
Fausto Ramírez L.
Nov 30 2015 14:02
Maybe you can use postgresql, it's json friendly.. and if you want you can hook it with Waterline (an ORM for Sails.js) which makes aggregation a breeze.. of course for the type of querys your are doing you might need some normalization
Fausto Ramírez L.
Nov 30 2015 14:08
Also, in the case of Sails.js... It has the advantage that you can query data from several data-sources at a granular level (Ex: By Model, etc) and perform joins on the fly.
and Waterline has many adapters (Even Apache Cassandra)