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Dec 2015
Dec 09 2015 12:23
Hi everyone,
The following is more a book for those interested in the Data Science / Data Analysis applied to online education platforms:
"Responsive Open Learning Environments: Outcomes of Research from the ROLE Project", S. Kroop (I think it is an European experience...)
@P1xt good reference... I am not so algorist as you are but I am interested very much, I will see if I can find some time now to see what's going on...
@randytorres feel free to ask questions about simple statistics concepts here: people in this chat room are either specialised or interested in that stuff too, we think we can help!
Dec 09 2015 12:42

@randytorres I am a coursera-child: really good things for sure...

Data Science is still a big term and difficult to frame... during my training with people at cloudera, we tried to arrive to a common definition and I think perhaps it is one that could be good for you too:

"the role of the data scientist is to provide the organisation with effective data-related products, contributing at any point of the data life cycle"

To get closer to a data scientist according to that definition, you should know not only about analysis but also data management, visualization, algorithms (very relevant!), etc... as well as having an idea of a particular field...

Still the interpretation of what a Data Scientist does can change from one place to the other; some companies may post a position looking for a Data Scientist when in reality they are looking for a Data Reporter or an Engineer...

Despite having relevant training in advanced analytics and some experience working with large amount of data, I don't consider myself a data scientist yet... The field is huge and in my opinion the actual path to master it is long... success!