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Dec 2015
Dec 17 2015 00:05

Hi @/all
Just before going to bed, sharing an idea of what can be a suitable project for a possible Data Science hackaton: building a recommender app, pure JS... as an exercise... we could find cannonical data, like the usual one related to movies, I don't remember the name...

See you around!

Bruce Young
Dec 17 2015 00:09
bugger .. teh stats guy left :(
Dec 17 2015 09:35
@jameswinegar: a good one; I was thinking about MovieLens, it is a typical exercise... for this project I would think at something simple to start...
@mutantspore ???
James Winegar
Dec 17 2015 09:36
@evaristoc I guess using a prebuild dataset would be nice :P
Dec 17 2015 09:38
@jameswinegar ;)