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Dec 2015
Dec 21 2015 12:46 UTC
Hello world! this is surely going to be fun ;)
Dec 21 2015 12:46 UTC

welcome to FreeCodeCamp @lucasborja!

Dec 21 2015 15:33 UTC

Hi @AdventureBear: I understand your sorrows... yes: sometimes you better resource to manual (don't be ashame of that! it is absolutely part of the process).
Why manual could be useful?

  • Give you an idea of the procedure
  • Allows you to catch some initial exceptions

For a more automated procedure, ideas:

  • A conversion into a list, using the quote as a separator?
  • possible with regex extraction; use start of sentence -> capture digits -> up to first quote and something similar for the second one. Be careful with exception and handling the errors then?
  • I think there are JS libraries that manage that format, check a bit more the Date object....?
doctor @lucasborja: bienvenido!
@AdventureBear for d3.js, check out how to make an axis in a date format... there are interesting challenges, depending of your problem... but in that case, I don't know what you decided to do? Year as main x axis? Something different?
@AdventureBear Good luck! And come to ask whenever you want!
Preston Freeman
Dec 21 2015 17:07 UTC
hello world
Dec 21 2015 17:07 UTC

welcome to FreeCodeCamp @soccerpreston10!

Preston Freeman
Dec 21 2015 17:07 UTC
Dec 21 2015 17:07 UTC

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Dec 21 2015 21:13 UTC

Hi @/all


DSR (DataScience Room) is an effort to gather campers of all levels and specializations willing to engage in discussion, collaboration and practice of data-related projects with focus on JS and FCC.


Last Week...:

  • @jameswinegar and me have been discussing how a hackaton organised by the DataScience room could looks like. We are looking for ideas and people who are enthusiastic to help with the organisation...
  • @vicky002 has proposed to help with some data analytics for FCC...
  • we are following up the progress of the update of the Gitter API to restore some capabilities to analyse data without a low limit; keep you all informed
  • @AdventureBear is looking for inputs about an interesting visualization she has in mind; if you have some ideas that could work, share them!

In the FCC News...:
If you haven't seen it, go and check the work by one of our fellow FCC campers, @nicolanrizzo: a map of FCC groups

... Next Week...:

  • the digest goes on holidays - no digest in two weeks!

Wish List:

  • hoping to have other fellow campers motivated to share and work together in projects and activities over data analytics and data science next year!